1. Committee for curriculum, accreditations and personnel policies:

  • Educational policies, Bologna strategies, curricula, syllabi, etc.;
  • Self-evaluations, student/ department/ faculty evaluations, coefficients, consultancy and expertise regarding national and international accreditation, etc.;
  • Competitions, employment, organizational charts, etc.

Vice-Dean in charge: Fazakas Emese;
Members: Ştefan Oltean, Manuela Mihăescu, Kotona Hajnalka, Marius Uzoni.

2. Committee for quality assurance, research, publications and libraries:

  • Strategies for quality assurance;
  • Editorial policies – consultancy and expertise;

Vice-Dean in charge: Sanda Misirianţu;
Members: Ioana Both, Liana Pop, Constantin Iliescu.

3. Committee for students, admissions and institutional image:

  • Student scholarships and accommodation;
  • Educational offer, promotion, strategies, admission exams;
  • Strategies for the promotion of the faculty, website, publicity campaigns, etc.

Vice-Dean in charge: Dorin Chira;
Members: Ioan Herbil, Iulia Bobăilă, Marius Uzoni, Rinalda Fărăian.

4. Committee for international relations and linguistic policies:

  • International cooperation, partnerships, agreements, affiliations, networks, etc.;
  • Strategies for linguistic policies:

Vice-Dean in charge: Monica Fekete;
Members: Sanda Tomescu, Diana Cotrău, Mihaela Toader, Elena Platon, Kádár Edith, Rodica Frenţiu, Dana Bizuleanu.

5. Committee for ethics:

Person in charge: Dean Corin Braga;
Members: Szilágyi Sándor, Lucia Gorgoi, Sanda Cordoş, Amalia Cotoi.

6. Committee for grants and fund raising:

  • Consultancy, expertise and project management;

Person in charge: Dean Corin Braga;
Members: Ioana Both, Elena Platon, Sándor Péter, Dana Bizuleanu.

7. Committee for strategic/ operational plans and regulations:

  • Managing, gathering and assessing operational plans;
  • Internal regulations of the faculty; regulations of departments/ centres.

Vice-Dean in charge: Sanda Misirianţu;
Members: Daiana Cuibus, Mihaela Toader, Szabó Levente, Marius Uzoni.