• Specialisation: Romanian Literary Studies (in Romanian) - full time 
  • Specialisation: History of Images, History of Ideas (in Romanian) - full time
  • Specialisation: Romanian Language in Roman context (in Romanian) - full time
  • Specialisation: Studies of Hungarian Linguistics and Literature (in Hungarian) - full time
  • Specialisation: Current Directions in Linguistics (in English and French) - full time
  • Specialisation: British Cultural Studies (in English) - full time
  • Specialisation: Literature and Civilization – intercultural dialogue in Francophone space (in French) - full time
  • Specialisation: Irish Studies (in English) - full time
  • Specialisation: German Studies in European Cultural Context (in German) - full time
  • Specialisation: Multilingual and Multicultural Communication (in Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian) - full time
  • Specialisation: European MA in Translation Studies and Terminology (in Romanian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) - full time
  • Specialisation: European MA in Conference Interpreting (in Romanian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) - full time

Cultural Studies Field

  • Specialisation: Culture and Society – Tradition and Modernity (in Hungarian) - full time

Admission criteria

  1. Score of admission exam.

Tie-breaker criteria

  1. Score of the graduation exam.
  2. Average mean of undergraduate years of study.