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The easiest way to reach Cluj is by plane. The city is connected directly to more than 40 destinations around Europe and the world. If you have enough time, you can take the train or you can drive here; however, if you choose one of these options, be prepared for unexpected stops and possible delays.

By plane

You can fly directly to Cluj from numerous cities in Europe ( You can also fly to Bucharest or Budapest and get from there to Cluj. However, if you travel through Bucharest, it would not be such a good idea to try and reach Cluj by train. You might actually miss the conference and get here by the time everyone else is leaving. There are between 8 and 10 flights from Bucharest to Cluj every day (

From the airport to town

Once you get to the airport in Cluj, take bus no. 8 (runs every 20 minutes) or trolleybus no. 5 (runs every 10 minutes). They will take you to the centre of the town (the distance is of 8 km), for a fare of 2 lei (less than 50 eurocents). You can get tickets from kiosks, from ticket machines or by SMS (before getting on the bus, send a message to 7479 with the number of the bus you are getting on). The journey takes about 30 minutes ( You can also take a taxi. You will find one at the exit from the international arrivals terminal. The journey will cost maximum 10 euros from the airport to the door of your hotel. Only take company taxis (avoid, however, Activ Taxi) and ask the driver about the price first. You can download the app Clever Taxi on your phone, which you can then use for ordering a taxi, confirming the order and tracking the trip to your destination.

By train

There are train connections to most Romanian cities, including fast InterCity trains to Oradea, Timișoara, Brașov, and Bucharest. The average trip from Cluj to Budapest is around 8 hours. Cluj to Bucharest can vary between 8 and 14 hours. When planning a train trip in Romania, please keep in mind that you need to allow 2 hours for each hundred kilometers of journey.

By car

The European road E60 links Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest and Brașov to the south, Oradea and Budapest to the west, through Borș customs. E81 leads to the north and to Brașov and Bucharest to the south. E58 links Cluj-Napoca to Baia Mare.

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