Local cuisine

Zama Napoca 16
Traditional soups; polenta in different combinations
15 minutes from the venue.

Hanul dacilor
Constantin Brancusi, 86A
Famous for its beans soup in a bread bowl
Reachable by taxi.

Matei Corvin Matei Corvin 3
Romanian and Hungarian dishes
10 minutes from the venue.

Roata Alexandru Ciurea 6
Rich meat dishes, tasty desserts
10 minutes from the venue.

Valachia Govora 27
Smoked pork, grilled sausages, gulash
Reachable by taxi

Vegetarian and vegan

Samsara Foodhouse Stephan Ludwig Roth 5
Great variety of dishes, amazing fruit juices
5 minutes from the venue.

With a specific:

Gandhi -Piața Mihai Viteazu, Indian;

Tokyo -Profesor Gheorghe Marinescu 5, Japanesse;

Asia Paradise -Ioan Rațiu, Chinese;

Napoli Centrale -Dobrogeanu Gherea 17, Italian;

Jaxx American Restaurant -Emil Isac, Mexican and American; A Camponeza -Emil Zola 2, Seafood;

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