Constructions of Identity
10th edition - October 24-26, 2019
History, Memory, and Accomplishment

In 2019 the Faculty of Letters in Cluj and the Department of English proudly
celebrate 100 years since professor Petre Grimm took on the position of lecturer of
English, marking the beginning of what was to become the Department of English
Language and Literature.

Our faculty members
Erika Mihálycsa

Modernist scholar (Flann O'Brien, Joyce, Beckett) and the Hungarian translator of "At Swim-Two-Birds”. Keynote Speaker at ”Palimpsests: The 5th International Flann O'Brien Conference”, 16-19 July 2019.

new publication
“Beyond Print and Invisibility: ‘Translatorship’ in the Age of Digital Globalization” - Alex Ciorogar

The Culture of Translation in Romania / Übersetzungskultur und Literaturübersetzen in Rumänien (Peter Lang Publishing, Berlin, 2018)

new publication
A Census of Western Medieval Manuscripts in Romania

Adrian Papahagi, Adinel-Ciprian Dincă, Andreea Mârza, Manuscrisele medievale occidentale din România: Census (Biblioteca medievală 38), Iași: Polirom, 2018.

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