Paper submission:

All submitted papers will follow these format and referencing guidelines:

  • - A4 format (paper size), 2 cm margins top, bottom, left, right;
  • - texts will use Times New Roman 11, single spaced;
  • - authors will mention affiliation (university, college, institute, centre, school etc.)
  • - article titles will use Times New Roman 14, bold;
  • - subtitles will use Times New Roman 12, bold, 1 cm left indentation;
  • - abstracts, bibliographies, footnotes, table texts will use Times New Roman 9;
  • - articles should be between 4000-6000 words long;

In-text citation will be used as indicated below:

Type of publication

In-text citation (with/without page number)


Book (single author)

(Mihálycsa, 2016, p. 100)

Mihálycsa, E. (2016). Trans-lating Modernism: Languages of passage in the Fiction of Joyce, Flann O’Brien, Beckett. Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană.

Book (two authors)

(Deleuze & Guattari, 1987, p. 100)

Deleuze, G., & Guattari, F. (1987). A Thousand Plateaus (first edition). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Book (several authors)

(Powell et al., 2008)

Powell, D., Walker, E., & Elsworth, S. (2008). Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate Students. Harlow: Pearson Longman.

Book (editor)

(Bloom, 1986)

Bloom, H. (ed.) (1986). James Joyce. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers.

Book (several aditors)

(Kolocotroni et al., 1998)

Kolocotroni, V., Goldman, J., & Taxidou, O. (eds.) (1998). Modernism. An Anthology of Sources and Documents. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Reference work

(Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 1999)

Crowther, J. (ed.). (1999). Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (fifth edition). Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press.


(Solomon, 2012)

Solomon, A. (2012). The Noonday Demon [Vintage Digital].

Chapter (article) in book (volume/collection)

(Toíbín, 2004, p. 309)

Toíbín, C. (2004). The Future of Europe. In Keller, U. & Rakusa, I. (eds.). Writing Europe. What Is European about the Literatures of Europe?. Budapest, New York: CEU Press, p. 307-315.

Journal article in print

(Petrar, 2016, p. 48)

Petrar, P. (2016). Towards and Ethics of Critical Discourse: Ioana Em. Petrescu and “Responsible Reading”. Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai Philologica, vol. 61 (LXI), 2/2016, p. 33-51.

Journal article online

(Mykytka, 2016, p. 59)

Mykytka, I. (2016). Metaphors in Photography Language. Ibérica, 32, p. 50-61, e-ISSN: 2340-2784. Retrieved November, 21 2016 at:

Paper in conference proceeding

(Mihele, 2011, p. 221)

Mihele, R. (2011). Between Continents and Cultures: The Jewish Americans. In Moldovan, R., Petrar, P. (eds.)  Constructions of Identity (VI). Cluj-Napoca: Napoca Star, p. 220-234.

Item in newspapers or cultural magazines

(Stein, 2016, p. 27)

Stein, J. (August 29, 2016). Tyranny of the Mob. Time, vol. 188, no. 8, p. 25-30.

The articles will be saved in Microsoft Office Word files under the title: Name_Surname_language of editing.doc