• Prof.dr.habil. Rodica Frenţiu - head
    Head of the Asian Language and Literature Department and the ‘Sembazuru’ Centre for Japanese Studies, from their establishment (2008). She published critical editions of old Romanian texts. She majored in the domain of cultural semiotics and Japanese poetics, publishing a series of volumes and studies. She translated famous Japanese writers’ works into Romanian, thus making them known to the Romanian public. She is also renowned for her Japanese calligraphy exhibitions (clip video), which were organized across the country, but also in Japan, being rewarded with The Golden Prize (2016) and The Platinum Prize (2017) at Connect the World International Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition. Global Shodo @ Yasuda [Hiroshima, Japan].

  • Lect.dr. Florina Ilis
    Writer and researcher. She published studies and articles about Japanese culture and literature, having a particular interest in the evolution of the Japanese aesthetic concepts (mono no aware, wabi, sabi, yugen, etc.), and an in-depth analysis of the first Japanese novel, Genji monogatari, written at the beginning of the 11th century. She published a haiku volume in collaboration with Rodica Frențiu, Haiku and Calligrams, as well as the novel Five Coloured Clouds on the Sunrise Sky, in which the author artistically highlights the Japanese experience.

  • Lect. dr. Oana Bîrlea
    Graduate of the Faculty of Letters, the Japanese-English field of study, benefited from a scholarship at Kobe University, Japan (2013-2014) and was a doctoral student of the Doctoral School of Linguistic and Literary Studies, BBU, Cluj-Napoca (coordinator: Prof. univ. dr. habil. Rodica Frențiu). Her research focuses on the exploration of the Japanese advertising speech from the perspective of the pragmatics and cultural semiotics.

  • Drd. Ioana Toşu
    Graduate of the Japanese-Korean Language and Literature field of study, Faculty of Letters, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, 2012-2016; benefited from a one year scholarship at the Kobe University, Japan, 2015-2016, under the partnership between the Babes-Bolyai University and the Kobe University; doctoral student at the Doctoral School of Linguistic and Literary Studies, BBU (coordinator: Prof. univ. dr. habil. Rodica Frentiu); her research thematic is: ‘Perspectives of translating Japanese comics (manga) and animation movies (anime) into Romanian: cultural transfer and linguistic particularities.

  • Drd. Ciliana Tudorică
    Doctorand în cadrul şcolii Doctorale de Studii Lingvistice şi Literare (coordonator: prof. univ. dr. habil. Rodica Frenţiu) şi copywriter. A absolvit Facultatea de Litere, specializarea "Japoneză-Engleză" şi masteratul "Relaţii Publice şi Publicitate" al Facultăţii de ştiinţe Politice, Administrative şi ale Comunicării. în 2017 a primit o bursă de studiu la Universitatea Kobe, Japonia, pentru a cerceta modul în care este percepută plasarea de produs în animaţia japoneză. în prezent, cercetarea ei se axează pe studiul caligrafiei japoneze, această tematică fiind abordată prin prisma semioticii culturale.

  • H.E. Mr. Ambasador Natsuo Amemiya - Japanese Embassy in Romania
  • Professor emeritus Yoshihiko Ikegami, PhD- Universitatea Tokyo, Japonia
  • Prof. emeritus Fumito Shimizu - Ehime University, Japan
  • Conf. Shino Takahashi - Ehime University, Japan
  • Prof. Hiroshi Hayashi - Kobe University, Japan
  • Prof. emeritus Ikuko Seguchi - Kobe University, Japan
  • Prof. Ota Reiko - Showa Women's University, Tokyo, Japonia
  • Prof. Senshu Nishida (master calligrapher) - Showa Women's University, Tokyo, Japonia
  • Prof. Dr. Toshiyuki Sadanobu - Kyoto University, Japan
  • Prof.Dr. Ken Sasaki - Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Prof.Dr. Arita Setsuko - Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Prof.Dr. Dezső Benedek - Georgia University, U.S.A.
  • Prof. Emiko Higashi (sumi-e master) - Tokyo, Japan
  • Univ. Prof. Michael Finkenthal, PhD - The John Hopkins University, USA/The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

  • Tamao Ohisa
  • Mio Sekiya
  • Ryoko Migaki
  • Anamaria Brănescu, 3rd year student, Japanese-Norwegian
  • Elena Bulău, 2nd year student, Japanese-English
  • Andreea Defta, 2 year student, Japanese-English
  • Andreea Ion, 2nd year student, Japanese-English
  • Radu-Ştefan Sabou, 2nd year student, Japanese-Finnish
  • Mălina Crişan, 1st year student, Japanese-English
  • Alin-Florin Moldovan, 1st year student, Japanese-English
  • Paula-Jenifer Biblia, 2nd year student, Japanese-Norwegian
  • Mălina-Mihaela Hardulea, 2nd year student, Japanese-Spanish
  • Paula-Patricia Pantea, 2nd year student, Japanese-Comparative Literature
  • Tasia-Maria Diugan, 3rd year student, Japanese-English
  • Patricia Dumitrescu , 3rd year student, Japanese-Chinese
  • Maria-Alexandra Mâtcă, 3rd year student, English-Japanese
  • Claudiu Aldea, 1st year student, graduate student
  • Daniela Păun, 1st year student, Japanese-English field of study




20th May 2022: Searching for Japan – Students’ Scientific Session
19th May 2022: Book Lauch: Teru Miyamoto, „Vis de primăvară” (Humanitas, 2022)
11th May 2022: Mr. Counsellor Tatsuo Kitagawa (Embassy of Japan) Visiting the Sembazuru Centre for Japanese Studies (Faculty of Letters BBU)

April 2022
15th April 2022: Spring in Cluj coloured like the sakura flower

March 2022
March 2022: New editorial apparition: Florina Ilis, Romanul japonez în secolul al XX-lea


December 2021
17th December 2021: Membership certificate of the Japan Foundation “Sakura Network” ・JF日本語ネットワーク(さくらネットワーク)メンバー証
13th - 16th December 2021: Let’s sing carols in Japanese! (Coord. Oana Bîrlea and Ciliana Tudorică)
5th December 2021: Winter Japanese story for the kids from the „ House of Joy” Orphanage

November 2021
5th November 2021: Japanese culture on the horizon of radio ideas
4th November 2021: The students celebrate Day of Japanese culture文化の日祝いに・日本語学科学習者の十二俳人 (coord.: Lect. univ. dr. Florina Ilis)
3rd November 2021: 文化の日・Day of Japanese Culture・ TVR Cluj/TVR 3: Dialogue lines (Rodica Frențiu și Florina Ilis); Objective foreground
2nd November 2021: Book Launch: Rodica Frențiu, The Japanese Calligraphy in the memory of the moment (Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Univeristy Press, 2021)

July 2021
26th -30th July 2021: Junior Summer University - 日本語・日本文化入門 - Introductory course into Japanese language and culture (in collaboration with OSUBB) • 13th July 2021: A new editorial appearance: Rodica Frențiu, The Japanese Calligraphy in the memory of the moment (Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Univeristy Press, 2021)
4th July 2021: Student’s Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2021 – Specialization Japanese Language and Literature

June 2021
2nd June 2021: 「俳句コンテスト」 - Stud. Mălina Hardulea (3rd Year, specialization Japanese-English) awarded at an international contest of Haiku
1st June 2021: 1st of June – Together with the children from “House of Joy”

May 2021
14th May 2021: In Search of Japan – The Students’ Scientific Session
13th May 2021: Diplomacy and culture (3) – 100 years of Romanian-Japanese diplomatic relations
5th May 2021: 子供の日 ・ Children’s Day at the “House of Joy” Orphanage (Cluj-Napoca)

April 2021
17th - 25th April 2021: Sakura flowers in Cluj parks
16th April 2021: Diplomacy and culture (2) – 100 years of Romanian-Japanese diplomatic relations
10th 2021: “What does it mean to be a student in Japan”, in collaboration with Romania’s Student League – Japan department
2nd April 2021: Diplomacy and culture – 100 years of Romanian-Japanese diplomatic relations

March 2021
3rd March 2021: Hina Matsuri ・Holiday of the dolls at CSJS – doll donation from Prof. Dr. Emeritus Yoshihiko Ikegami and Prof. Ikuko Ikegami (University of Tokyo, Japan)
1st March 2021: Babeș-Bolyai University Excellence Awards 2020
Excellence award for innovative and cultural services towards society is awarded to Prof. univ. dr. Rodica Frențiu (Faculty of Letters), as acknowledgment for outstanding results in 2020

February 2021
Japan’s National Day
Haiku poems by Florina Ilis translated into Hungarian


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