The Faculty of Letters, one of BBU largest faculties, offers instruction in a wide and diverse range of areas, as follows: Philology Studies, Modern and Classic Languages and Literatures; Applied Modern Languages; Cultural Studies; Ethnology and Ethnography.

A special emphasis is placed on advanced scientific research. This is directed towards the fields of language, linguistics, literature and ethnology. The institutional framework for scientific research includes department teams and groups of departments, interdisciplinary research teams, as well as national and international projects. To facilitate research activities, 8 branches of the Central University Library and another 16 independent libraries are hosted by the faculty, libraries which are affiliated with various departments and cultural and research centres.

The Faculty of Letters is among the faculties enjoying the largest number of partnerships with fellow international faculties and academic institutions in the country, and abroad. Collaboration with similar international and prestigious institutions targets joint degree programmes, the development of research projects, mobility schemes for both teaching staff and students, all with a mind for curricular compatibility. The faculty participates in actions carried out within the SOCRATES-ERASMUS European programmes and insures the recognition of credit hours obtained by students during study programmes at partner institutions.

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