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On 18th August 2017 took place the III. meeting of (former) students of the Hungarian Department. The summit started on Friday with professor Jolán Orbán’s arresting lecture on the relationship between literature and opera, and continued with an informal meeting respectively the round-table discussion of writers and poets (Vince Fekete, László Lövétei Lázár, Béla Markó, Júlia Szilágyi), alumni of the Hungarian Department.

The day ended with Misi Boros’s special concert in the big hall of the Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra. The 14 years-old prodigy pianist, the winner of the 2014 edition of the Hungarian music competition Virtuózok [Virtuosi] arrived with a surprise-guest, the far-famed pianist Gergely Bogányi. The donations that came together on the charity concert go on the Nyilas Misi Foundation, an organization dedicated to the support of disadvantaged, talented children.

On the day after the meeting the Faculty of Letters housed a variety of lectures and workshops popularizing science. It was a pleasure to see that the inquiry after Vilmos Keszeg’s, Emese Fazakas’, Levente T. Szabó’s, Imre József Balázs’s and Ferenc Málnási’s courses was great. We wish to thank all those who took an interest in our programmes during the colorful offer of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Kolozsvár too, especially the volunteers and our illustrious guests.

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