Romanian as a Foreign Language


Are you a foreign national looking for the most suitable place to learn Romanian as quickly as possible? Do you want to receive the help of experienced teachers, and a variety of modern didactic materials, in accordance to the principles of the European language policy? At the Department of Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization, where the Romanian language has been successfully taught for almost 40 years, you will find young and enthusiastic teachers, who will help you overcome the common difficulties of the beginning, in order to achieve rapid and significant progress in your studies. 

Why are our Romanian language courses special?

First, our curricula have been restructured according to the linguistic competence levels provided in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and the related course materials contain activities and exercises specially designed for the acquisition of all communication skills in Romanian (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and written use of language). We evaluate our students’ performance throughout the learning process, with level tests designed by the members of our department, who are observer members of the European Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). Thus, our students are optimally prepared for the final language exams. Furthermore, the use of Romanian in the teaching process is designed according to the principles of the direct method from the very beginning of classes, which ensures visible progress in learning the language.

Who can study Romanian with us?

  1. Preparatory year students who wish to attend university or postgraduate courses held in Romanian. The class: intensive course, 25 hours per week, for two semesters;
  2. Students participating in UBB’s international programs (CEEPUS, ERASMUS, DAAD, etc.). The class: two intensive modules of 60 hours each, taught in September and in January-February, and 4 hours of Romanian language per week, during the academic year;
  3. Participants in the UBB Romanian Language and Civilization Summer Courses (3 weeks in July, 60 hours);
  4. Other categories (interpreters from European institutions, business people, etc.), for whom we offer intensive modules adapted to their needs.

What certificates do we issue?

  1. Preparatory year certificate, required for enrollment in university or postgraduate studies in Romania.
  2. Certificate of language proficiency, for those who have learnt Romanian outside of our department and wish to enroll directly in the first year of study in a university in Romania.

Do you want to become a teacher of Romanian as a foreign language?

Starting with the 2008/2009 academic year, our department offers an optional master’s module, Romanian as a foreign language (3 semesters), intended for Romanian students who want to specialize in teaching Romanian as a foreign language.

Starting with the 2021/2022 academic year, our department offers an MA programme, Romanian as Foreign and Second Language (4 semesters), designed for students who not only want to specialize in teaching Romanian as a foreign language, but also want to hold a postgraduate degree in the field. This is the first department in Romania that offers this specialty as a full MA.

Further details:

Department of Romanian Language, Culture and Civilization

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